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I was chatting to a friend. He was joking, but told me he wanted to put out an ad for a hot wife. “Hot Wife Wanted” it would read. I asked him if he would make any other specification. “36D” he replied. 

It was funny. 

What is funnier still is that the Sunday papers in Sri Lanka carry week in and week out matrimonial adverts that make all manner of requests and pleadings for both brides and grooms - but none of them are ever personal.

Here are a few:

"Buddhist Radalla parents seek for only son 29 years 5’5 running his own educational institution with over 10 million owns properties with regular income seeks a good mannered educated attractive bride with equal status. Apply with all details in the first letter and horoscope."

"Moor parents from Kandy district now residing in Colombo seek a qualified, pretty, slim bride under 24 years for son 27 years 5’9 slim, handsome, very fair CIM qualified employed as a Brand Manager for a multinational firm."

"Academically/ professionally qualified son with sober habits is sought by G/B parents in Matara now living in Colombo for their daughter MBBS Doctor 40+ 5’41/2 young looking fair kindhearted religious and pretty and very talented. Reading for Postgraduate. Inherits valuable assets including house."

These ads are placed by parents or close family members of the prospective bride and groom who are more interested in caste and dowry, than say, cup sizes. 

Since ‘asking’ for a wife doesn’t seem to be an issue in this country, wouldn’t it be fun if the ads began to be a reflection of personal interests?

Here’s to more ‘hot wives’ with assets that reach size 36D’s! 

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